Citizens Feedback Survey
Instructions All properly completed and submitted forms will be reviewed by the Police Chief. All information provided may directed to a certain administrator or specialty staff member will be forwarded to that staff member. While anonymous submissions will be accepted, a response or continued correspondence will obviously not be possible. The Police Chief will still review and consider all forms submitted anonymously. Any forms submitted with return contact information will receive a confirmation from the Chief within one-week of submission (Note: any submissions unanswered may be the result of a malfunction. Do not hesitate to resubmit if you do not receive a timely response. Anyone submitting a form wishing to receive a response might consider indicating their wishes in their narratives (Note: You will likely receive a response anyway). You may answer one or all three questions WARNING: This is not a forum to bash staff members on a personal level. All complaints against staff members should be submitted, via the Citizen Complain Forms. Information on filing a complain can be found on our web page, in our lobby, or you can meet with Chief Coffey in person.
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Name & Phone Number

Name the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of the greatest needs at the Chester Police Department.
Name the primary complaint you have received from citizens regarding the performance of the inadequacies of the Chester Police Department
What do you feel should be the primary focus of the Chester Police Department in FY 2010?
How can the Chester Police Department better serve the community?
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