This survey is intended to help identify public safety improvements for our community. Your feedback will be used in research for establishing a strategic plan for the Chester Police Department and will help us decide what we should focus on first.
Please fill out this survey and turn it in at any one of our designated submission locations, or mail to:

Chester Police Department
1330 Swanwick St.
Chester, Illinois 62233

Please place a circle or check mark next to your answer.
1)    Please rate how serious you feel the level of crime is in our community.
        Very Serious                10%
        Somewhat Serious    25%
        Serious                         23%
        Not too Serious        34%
        Not at all Serious         8%

2)    In the past three years would you say the level of crime in our community has increased, stayed about the same, or decreased?
        Increased                                41%
        Stayed About the Same        55%
        Decreased                                4%

3)    Would you say the level of police protection in your community has increased, stayed about the same, or decreased over the past three years?
        Increased                                19%
        Stayed About the Same        70%
        Decreased                             11%

4)    Do you feel there needs to be more police patrols, about the same number of patrols, or fewer patrols in our community?
        More Patrols                                            48%
        About the Same Number of Patrols    46%
        Fewer Police Patrols                               4%
        N/A                                                              2%

5)    Does your community have a neighborhood crime watch program?
        Yes                               4%
        No                              64%
        Don’t Know                 3%

6)    If a neighborhood watch program was available, would you be interested in participating?
        Yes                    34%   
        No                      23%
        Maybe                42%
        N/A                       1%

7)    How safe do you feel in our community?
        Very Unsafe             3%
        Unsafe                   16%
        Safe                         66%
        Very Safe                13%
        N/A                            2%

8)    In the past three years, have you been the victim of crime in our community?
        Yes                12%
        No                  87%

9)    How safe do you feel going out at night in our community?
        Very Unsafe             4%
        Unsafe                   23%
        Safe                        62%
        Very Safe                10%
        N/A                            1%

10)    Increasing the level of Police presence in our schools will increase the level of security in our schools.
        Agree                   80%
        Disagree            16%
        N/A                         4%

11)    Increasing the Police presence in our schools will have a positive impact on police/student relationships.
        Agree                   83%   
        Disagree            14%
        N/A                        3%

12)    It has been suggested that vacant/dilapidated buildings, commercial or residential, have a tendency to impact the level of crime in a given neighborhood or community. Do you agree with this concept?
        Strongly Agree             31%
        Agree                             55%
        Disagree                      13%
        Strongly Disagree         0%
        N/A                                   1%

13)    Do you feel that vacant/dilapidated buildings increase crime rates?
        Strongly Agree              28%
        Agree                             60%
        Disagree                       11%
        Strongly Disagree         0%

14)    The concept that community members must actively participate in crime prevention as a partnership with police is a concept I;
        Strongly Agree with               30%
        Agree with                              58%
        Disagree with                          7%
        Strongly Disagree with         2%
        N/A                                           3%

15)    List in order of importance from 1 to 5 the topics you feel should be the established priorities for the Chester Police Department (1 -being most important; 5 -being least important on the list).
Note: Drug Enforcement was overwhelmingly #1(refer to #16). 14% did not answer the question as directed, so I could not quantify their response.   
__1__    Drug Enforcement     
__3__    School Safety Programs
__4__    Traffic Enforcement
__2__    Criminal Investigations
__5__    Community Safety Programs (education/personal safety)
____    Other ___________________________________________________

16)    What do you feel is the main source of crime in our community?
        Drugs                                                              78%
        Environment (buildings, homes, etc.)         7%
        Education                                                         2%
        Career Opportunity                                          6%
        N/A                                                                      7%

17)    What, if anything, do you feel could be done to decrease crime in our community?

18)    What is your age?
        18-24                12%
        25-35                13%
        36-45                13%
        46-55                15%
        56-65                15%
        66 or older       30%
        N/A                      2%

19)    Are you male or female?
        Female                57%
        Male                     40%
        N/A                          3%

20)    What is your total household income?
        Less than $19,999        19%
        $20,000 - $29,999         7%
        $30,000 - $39,999         4%
        $40,000 - $49,999        10%
        $50,000 or above        45%
        N/A                                  15%

21)    What is the highest level of education you have completed?
        Less than High School                    14%
        High School Diploma or GED        27%
        Some College                                   27%
        College Degree                                25%
        Graduate Level Degree                     3%
        N/A                                                         4%
End of Survey.